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Our Promise To You!

Our destination management proposals are confidential, and neither party shall disclose any aspect of it without the explicit permission of the other party.

Health & Safety Standards
At all times, we maintain health and safety standards in compliance with those standards set forth by the island and tour operators. In addition, our transportation suppliers meet all "FTO Coach Safe" requirements.

Tours & Excursions
guarantee the best possible negotiated rates for tours and excursions, at the highest achievable commissions, including overrides.

We meet all standard insurance requirements, and will ensure that all tours and excursions we sell, have adequate liability insurance in place.

Representation Fees
We can offer a meet and greet service to your clients, where a uniformed representative of SunTours Caribbean would meet the client on arrival and present them with a Welcome Package containing a 24 hour emergency contact number, information about the island and any other information that you would like us to give them. Your representative will also ensure that your client gets the taxi to their hotel, and that the taxi is there to take them back to the airport on the day of departure.

For a slightly higher fee, we can also offer dedicated tour representatives where, along with the meet & greet service - our reps visit the client's hotel the day after their arrival, to brief them about the island and the area where they are staying. In addition to the briefing after arrival, we can visit their hotel as many days per week as you would like.

Our representation services fees are negotiated based on the volume of your business as well as the amount of visits you would like for us to do.

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