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Service Summary!

Suntours Caribbean has destination management companies in Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua. We pride ourselves on offering representation services at a high, professional levels, and are flexible and creative in ensuring that customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Accomodation Bookings
We assists tour operators with the contracting of accommodations and confirm all reservations with suppliers. SunTours Caribbean also charts all guaranteed allotments and contests all stop sales and overbookings.

Airport Meet & Greet Services
provide uniformed tour representatives at the airport to meet and greet your clients on arrival. Your guests will be greeted with a Welcome Information Package, and then we will arrange and handle all transfers of customers to and from the airport / seaport.

Uniformed Representation Services
We p
rovide tour representatives to visit your clients at their hotels on a specified and agreed number of occasions each week. At the first meeting with your guests, our tour representatives brief your clients on the island and the area in which they are staying.

We prepare and display in all hotels used by the tour operator, a notice board as per the specifications of your company, and keep this notice board updated accordingly.

Our tour representative arranges and co-ordinates excursions for your customers and handles sympathetically, speedily and efficiently all clients' complaints and requests. We also ensure that all assistance possible is given to your clients in the event of any loss/damage of property, or incase of any emergency (i.e. illness, hospitalization, death).

Overseas Staff Co-ordination
We assists in finding suitable accomodations for overseas staff and assist in obtaining any necesssary visas, work permits and identity passes for the tour operators staff based on the island.

We provide fully equipped office space, should that be required, at a fee to be decided. This includes computers, photo copiers, etc. We also provide the necessary telephone and fax lines as required, at a fee.

provide the tour operators with all necessary information and market intelligence along with any reports that may be required.

We use our best efforts to provide or arrange reduced rates or free accomodations, transportation, tours and the like, for any educational or promotional visits required by the tour operators.

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