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Antigua FAQs

Question: How big is Antigua?
Answer: Antigua is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide for a total of 108 sq miles. Barbuda is 68 sq miles and the uninhabited island of Redonda, a nature preserve, is 0.6 sq miles.

: Can I drink the tap water in Antigua?
Answer: You can drink the tap water, but most people buy bottled water, which is readily available around the island.

Question: What are the best things to buy in Antigua?
Answer: Look for duty-free swimwear, Italian designer accessories, English woolens and linens. You'll also find emeralds, jewellery, watches, china, crystal and batik items. For souvenirs with local flavour look for pottery, hand-printed fabrics, artwork, straw items and rum.

: Are there nude beaches in Antigua?
Answer: There is a clothing-optional beach at Hawksbill Beach Resort in Antigua.

Question: What are the main industries in Antigua?
Answer: The main industries are tourism, financial services, construction and light manufacturing (clothing, alcohol, household appliances).

Question: What native dishes should I try in Antigua?
Answer: Fresh fish and seafood, such as conch (pronounced conk), crab and lobster are excellent. Other delicious local dishes include land turtle, goat and pepperpot (spicy stew made with hot peppers, okra, pumpkin and beef or pork). For side dishes try the rice and peas, dumplings, fungi (cornmeal) and okra, or ducouna (made with white flour and sweet potatoes).

Question: Can I use my calling card from Antigua?
Answer: Directory assistance: International operator, 0. Local enquiries, 411
AT&T: Service is available from pay phones and/or select hotels for calls to the US only using AT&T Calling Cards, AT&T Corporate Cards, American Express, Diners Club, Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard and Visa. Dial 1-800-872-2881 + area code + local number and follow the voice prompts.
Sprint: Service is available at Antigua ports of entry. Dial 1-800-366-4663, press #0 and follow the automated prompts.

Question: How should I dress to go out in Antigua?
Answer: Dress in Antigua & Barbuda is conservative casual. It is unacceptable to wear beach attire in public. In the evening some hotels and restaurants require men to wear a jacket and tie and women to wear dresses.

Question: Can I use my hair dryer and electric shaver in Antigua?
Answer: Electricity on part of the island is 60 Hz, 110 volts and the rest of the island is 220 volts. Most hotels have both voltages, which use the American-style two-pin plugs.

Question: What currency is used in Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar but the US Dollar is accepted over the counter. Pound Sterling can be changed at the banks and there are cash machines located at various places on the island. Major credit cards are usually accepted.

Question: How much should I tip in Antigua?
Answer: Tip about 10-15%. Some hotels and restaurants automatically add 10% gratuity to the bill so check first. Tip porters and bellhops 50ยข per bag and taxi drivers about 10-15% of the fare.

Question: What is the departure tax when leaving Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: There is no departure tax from Antigua.

Question: When is the hurricane season in Antigua?
Answer: The hurricane season is June 1 - November 30. Antigua and Barbuda is warm all year round with a soothing south-easterly breeze

Question: What places of interest can be visited while in Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: Places of interest in Antigua are Shirley Heights, Nelson's Dockyard, Dow's Hill Interpretation Centre, Fig Tree Drive, Harmony Hill, Devil's Bridge, Betty's Hope and the St John's Anglican cathedral to name a few.
Question: Is it possible to play golf on Antigua?
Answer: Yes; there are 2 golf courses in Antigua. They are located at Cedar Valley and Jolly Harbour. They are both 18 hole golf courses and are open to the general public.

Question: What inoculations are required for visiting Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: There are no inoculations required to visit Antigua and Barbuda, unless you are travelling from an endemic area.

Question: What electrical voltage is used in Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: 220 / 110 volts AC: 60 cycles. Dual voltage appliances are recommended. American type 2 pin sockets are prevalent and therefore a suitable adapter may be required.

Question: What is the duty free allowance when visiting Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: The duty free allowance is as follows: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g tobacco, 1 litre wine or spirits, 170ml (6ozs) perfume. Weapons of war and unprescribed drugs are prohibited. Visas and Entry Requirements

Question: Which nationals are exempt from obtaining a visa in order to visit Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: Nationals of Commonwealth countries (with the exception of Nigeria), EC countries and some other stipulated countries do not need a visa to travel to Antigua and Barbuda. Please check with the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office if in doubt prior to travel. It takes 3 working days to process a visa.

: What minimum passport validity is required when visiting Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: Passports should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of return when visiting Antigua and Barbuda.

Question: What are the entry requirements for Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: Visitors to Antigua and Barbuda require a valid passport, a return or onward ticket, confirmation of accommodation throughout the stay and sufficient funds for the duration of the stay. On arrival, the immigration officer must be satisfied that your reason for visiting Antigua and Barbuda is legitimate.

Question: How long can visitors stay without special permission from immigration?
Answer: Visitors can stay in Antigua and Barbuda for 3 - 6 months without special permission, provided they are in possession of a valid onward ticket and enough funds to maintain themselves without working.

Question: What are the requirements for getting married in Antigua and Barbuda?
Answer: Regulations governing marriage by special licence in Antigua and Barbuda are as follows:
1) Proof of identity: A valid passport OR birth certificate and a photograph

2) Proof of status: Single: a declaration signed in Antigua and Barbuda
Divorced: the original decree absolute stamped with the seal of the court where it was issued.
Widow(er): marriage certificate and death certificate of husband or wife.
Name change: Deed Poll under which change has been done.

3) Application: This is to be obtained from, and completed and signed at, the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs in St John's. Both parties must be present at the time of application.

4) Age Limit: All applicants should be 18 years or over. If under 18 parental consent, in writing, is required.

5) Residency: There is no set period of residency required before the ceremony can be performed. Arrangements can begin immediately after arrival in Antigua and Barbuda.

6) Fees: Special Licence: one hundred and fifty United States dollars ($150.000) or four hundred and five Eastern Caribbean dollars (EC$ 405.00) to be paid on application.

Registration Fee: forty United States dollars (US$ 40.00) or one hundred and eight Eastern Caribbean dollars (EC$ 108.00).

Marriage Officer: dependent on location and ceremony.

7) Ceremony: The wedding ceremony may be performed by the Registrar or the Deputy Registrar in the Registrar's office, or by a Civil Marriage Officer at an appointed place and time, between the hours of 6.00am and 8.00pm

Marriage Ceremonies
Legal formalities as with civil ceremonies apply to religious marriage ceremonies. Arrangements should be made with the appropriate Church official well in advance of the arrival in Antigua and Barbuda and all the documents necessary for performance of the ceremony be provided.

Question: Where can I apply for a marriage or birth certificate?
Answer: Applications can be made at The Registrar's Office, High Street, St John's Antigua.

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