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Antigua Island Tours

Island Safari Tours
Step into comfortable safari rigged Land Rovers defenders and prepare for tours of Antigua like no one else can do. We promise to take you to some of the most beautiful places on Antigua, which are inaccessible to coach or car tours. Relax under coconut trees while taking in breathtaking views. A day for adventure and exploration.

Dollar Rental
If you’re independent and just want to do your own thing - then Dollar Rent a Car is the thing for you! Jeeps, Sedans and Vans. Low rates, unlimited mileage. Go off and discover Antigua on your own!

Cruise Tours

Circumnavigation Tours
A truly memorable day on the Caribbean Sea. Circumnavigate the Island of Antigua while checking out the homes of the Rich and Famous such as Eric Clapton. We’ll also show you some of the smaller islands surrounding Antigua, before mooring on the white sandy beaches of Green Island where you can explore and snorkel in the crystal clear waters. A scrumptious Caribbean Lunch awaits you. The open bar offers a large selection of drinks. THIS IS A MEMORY MAKER.

Bird Island Tours
Sail the tranquil reef-bound waters of Antigua’s National Parks. Enjoy swimming and snorkelling in Bird Island's calm protected bays. These cruise tours are particularly good choices for children and beginner snorkellers.

Cades Reef Tours
Cruise Leeward Coast of Antigua to our most impressive barrier reef, stretching for an amazing two miles. Discover Paradise and see the Coral Gardens. Anchor in shallow waters at this snorkeller’s paradise. After lunch enjoy an afternoon swim at beautiful Turner’s Beach before sailing back to shore.

Jabberwocky Private Yacht Charter Tours (8 max)
Pure Luxury. Whether you or your partner want to enjoy a romantic day at Sea with the just the crew to keep you company or you gather up to 8 friends and celebrate something special such as a Birthday or Anniversary. Or just CELEBRATE THE FACT YOU’RE ON HOLIDAY.

Barbuda Excellence/ Sea Tours
Cruise to our little sister Island of Barbuda. Look onto the Beach where the Original Survival TV Series was filmed and Marvel and that Pink Sandy Beach. We’ll show you the best of the Caribbean Beaches. The island is so beautiful Princess Diana visited it 3 times in 1 year. Now you can too…. This Tropical Paradise has it own unique beauty.

Adventure Tours

Island Safari Eco-Kayak Tours
Enjoy the Sun in your face and the Wind in your hair as you discover the real Antigua. We’ll go off road in Open Top Jeeps to untouched areas, then Kayak through the mangroves - home of turtles, lobsters, barracudas and much more. Finally, we’ll transfer to skiffs to discover the magnificent Cades Reef.

Caribbean Helicopter Tours
WOW!!! Your chance to experience the splendour of Antigua’s coastline from the air. Skim over translucent waters, reefs and desolate beaches. Or if you’re looking for something entirely different then try our trip to Montserrat to see what this Volcanic Island has to offer. Don’t forget your Camera!

Horseback Riding Tours
Enjoy the ride on an Antiguan Beach or Country trecks available. Ideal for experienced or beginners.


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