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St. Lucia Island Tours

Drive-A-Matic Car Rental
If you’re independent and just want to do your own thing - then Drive-A-Matic car rentals is the thing for you! Jeeps, Sedans and Vans. Low rates, unlimited mileage. Go off and discover St. Lucia on your own!

Catamaran Tour
Cast off your cares and indulge yourself onboard this superb catamaran sailing the Caribbean sea. Sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshing cold beer or mouthwatering Caribbean cocktail and marvel at the magnificent Pitons; St Lucia’s National treasure. Disembark to experience the truly unique drive in volcano. Discover St.Lucian life at a working plantation – a true St.Lucia experience. After working up an appetite enjoy a delicious lunch served on the plantation. Thereafter, enjoy swimming and snorkeling at Anse Cochon and finally your sail continues through the famous Marigot Bay.

Black Magic
Sail on board a 18th centry replica Pirate Ship along the west coast viewing the scenic coastline and fishing villages. On arrival in Soufriere (nestled below the majestic Pitons) visit the Sulphur Springs, drive in volcano and Botanical Gardens. Capture the highlights of St Lucia’s former capital stop at Anse Cochon for swimming and sail through the famous Marigot Bay, the location for the film Dr Doolittle.

Canopy Adventure
Drive from your hotel towards the east coast fishing village of Dennery. This is where you enter the rainforest to take an exhilarating 2000ft flight through St. Lucia’s exotic rainforest canopy. The tour consists of six dual cables which traverse from platform to platform, which begins and ends at the vicinity of the base camps. Hang on to your cables as you glide your way through the forest!

Rainforest Sky Ride
Glide through the rain forest of St. Lucia and experience nature in all its splendor from the comfort of your gondola. This adventure is great for all ages to discover, experience and share a truly mature rain forest, where giant trees provide food and shelter for St. Lucia’s endemic species and where the view just take your breath away.

Turf & Surf
A journey by land and sea to experience the west coast of the island. Experience local living, fishing villages and banana plantations plus a view of the spectacular Pitons on route. Visit the bubbling Sulphur Springs, Drive in Volcano, Botanical Garden and Diamond Waterfall. It is then time for lunch and to top up your tan on the catamaran as you cruise up the west coast. At Anse Cochon cool off with a refreshing swim or snorkel and get your cameras ready for the famous Marigot Bay. A fantastic combination for those of you who want to see the sights and learn a little bit about life in the Caribbean Mon!

Sunset Cruise
What a way to end a perfect day; set sail on a tall ship or catamaran! Champagne in hand marvel at the myriad of changing colours as the sizzling St. Lucian sunset dips towards the Caribbean Sea with pulsating rhythms of the tropics in the background. Dance the night away under a blanket of stars or simply admire the views of St. Lucia by night. 

Fish Friday in Anse La Raye
The village of Anse La Raye is just South of Castries on the West Coast. Every Friday is the night of the Fish Feast; sample the delicious varieties of fresh fish and watch the locals prepare it right in front of you. Browse, chat and enjoy. Plus shake a leg or two & dance the night away once the music starts.

Whale/Dolphin Watching Tours
A once in a lifetime experience. Whales and Dolphins can be seen in our waters. Experience the exhilaration of searching for these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. (We cannot guarantee they will come out to play everyday.)

Helicopter Island Tour
Fly over Castries Harbour and along the west shoreline of St Lucia, circle over the picturesque Marigot Bay and continue south to Soufriere where the majestic Pitons rise directly from the sea to the sky. Your flight will also take you over St Lucia’s Volcano and tropical rain forest. What better way to get a dynamic view of this beautiful island!

Helicopter Island Tours/ Shuttle
Experience a unique view of St. Lucia from the air.

Scenic West Coast Bus Tour
Drive along the scenic west coast through the fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries. Continue south west to the historic town of Soufriere . Visit the renowned twin peaks, “The Pitons”‘, now a world heritage site. Visit the drive in volcano with its sulphur aroma, the beautiful botanical gardens and diamond waterfall and a swim in the mineral bath. Thereafter we set out for lunch at a restaurant with spectacular views of the town of Soufriere. Your tour continues to famous Marigot Bay before returning to your resort. over Castries Harbour and along the west shoreline of St Lucia, circle over the picturesque Marigot Bay and continue south to Soufriere where the majestic Pitons rise directly from the sea to the sky. Your flight will also take you over St Lucia’s Volcano and tropical rainforest. What better way to get a dynamic view of this beautiful island! Approximately 30mins tour. Minimum of six persons to include transfers.

Airport Shuttle Reduce your travel time between the airport and your hotel. Take a relaxing 12 or15mins flight and enjoy St. Lucia's beautiful scenery from the sky. Space is in high demand and limited, hence book early to avoid disappointment. What a wonderful way to end your holiday!

Martinique Splendor
Travel by a motorized Catamaran to the beautiful French island of Martinique. Wander through the streets and absorb the atmosphere of this truly cosmopolitan city. Excellent Duty Free Shopping and enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch. There is plenty of time to swim off the boat, snorkel or just top up that tan. Don’t forget your camera and your passport.

Bean To Bar - Chocolate Experience
The excursion begins with a beautiful sail to Soufriere by Catamaran. Upon arrival in Soufriere the Bean to Bar experience begins with a talk on the production of cocoa and ends with visitors making their own chocolate bar from the estate grown cocoa. Lunch is served with every item on the menu sweet or savoury incorporating the use of cocoa. Visit the therapeutic mud baths, then return to the boat to join the sunset cruise on the return to Castries.

Segway Experience
Come “glide” the island side.  Experience the new fun, safe and environmentally friendly Segway X2, LucianStyle!  Glide our scenic nature trail up beautiful Mount Pimard and enjoy breath taking views of St. Lucia’s dramatic West Coast.  First it’s lessons and practice time on our “Segway Practice Track” and then it’s a long gentle glide up our extensive groomed nature trail system while our informative guides talk about everything from the beautiful flowers and butterflies to the battles between the English and French for our fair Helen of the West. Once at our highest viewing point, Morne Pimant, guests are served local juices and fruits and invited to participate in a short walk up the volcanic masterpiece and experience “StoneFace Fish Pond”, fish food and cameras strongly recommended. 

Northern Historical & Pigeon Island
Have a panoramic view of the capital Castries and surroundings. Visit the Vigie lighthouse and learn all the rich history of the British Military Barracks now converted into offices and apartments. Drive though Morne Fortune on the way to Pigeon Island a National Landmark.  Explore Fort Rodney, Signal Hill and visit to all ruins.

Scuba Diving
Come an experience our underwater life as a beginner or a certified diver.  You guide will help you discover the best dive sites on island.  Yes – life goes on in the under water world.

SNUBA offers the best way to go beyond snorkeling without the responsibility or commitment of a deep dive. It is truly an ideal underwater experience. Under the supervision of our warm, friendly and certified SNUBA Guides, you can intimately explore exotic marine life from a fully guided and safe perspective. SNUBA requires no time-consuming training, dive experience or bulky equipment, leaving you with absolute freedom and comfort to breathe easily under water and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of our marine life.

Piton Climbing
Towering nearly 3,000 feet above sea level is the majestic peak of Gros Piton. The lush green slopes of these pyramid shaped icon rise abruptly from sapphire blue waters of the Caribbean, filling the adventurous visitor with wanderlust. The view itself is a classic-the pitons of St.Lucia soaring straight up from the sea’s edge OPRAH MAGAZINE says that of the five things you must do in your lifetime, view to the Pitons is #1. Snaking up the misty, jungle-covered, boulder-stream mountainsides for the views from the top is an experience well worth the hike. Afterwards head to a rest stop for a sumptuous lunch and refreshing swim. At the end you will say “Yes - what an awesome day” full day






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